2018 Videos

Sept 20, 2018

"Close Calls, Near Misses, and Tragic Hits" - Linda Clark

Linda discussed the harrowing experiences of 30 citizens who were killed, wounded, or narrowly escaped death during the battle, or right before or after the actual battle. Unfortunately, their names are seldom mentioned today. Jennie Wade's story obviously is included. Her neighbors in the other half of the house where she was killed have a tragic story of their own.

October 18, 2018

Little Sorrell: Wonder Horse, Stonewall Jackson's Horse

by Colonel Keith Gibson


When Stonewall Jackson purchases a small Morgan Horse for his wife from a capture east-bound B&O train, he could not have imagined the fate which awaited them in the months ahead. The pair would become one of the most famous horse and rider teams in military history. COL Gibson traces the amazing story of the war, post-war, and post-life of Little Sorrell.